MyUniverse Personal

MyUniverse Personal 1.1

MyUniverse Personal help you organize and take charge of your own information
1.1 (See all)
Rhok Solutions Ltd.

-Browse the internet without leaving MyUniverse;
-Access hard drive or network files without leaving MyUniverse;
-Print and Print Preview for the current project page;
-Pan around a page or zoom in and out;
-Text search capability to search for information in a project;
-View where in a project the currently visible page is;
-Gives different looks to the application;
-MyUniverse remembers the navigation order to make it easy to go back to a previous view;
-Set a background Image or Color pattern;
-A library of all parts available for the creation of MyUniverse projects;
-Projects can be saved as secure project files with password protection.

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